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We have an immediate need for a Branch Manager. This position is primarily responsible for managing the branch and satellite office to meet the financial service needs of customers in our community. For additional responsibilities, and to submit an application and resume, please visit: LinkedIn or Indeed

ATTENTION: The National Bank of Malvern has been made aware of an increased level of fraudulent
activity regarding debit cards.  Please be diligent in reviewing all recent transaction activity and report fraudulent transactions to us immediately upon identification.

A Message from Our President and CEO, Jim Fooskas

Bank President Jim Fooskas

It’s been a busy 2024 here at National Bank of Malvern. After years of planning and preparation, we successfully converted to a whole new modern bank operating system in early April. What does this mean? This new system offers many efficiencies for our daily operations. With any conversion comes change. This means that you, our customers, are seeing different forms, receipts for deposits, statements etc. We hope you will embrace the changes and recognize the importance of “keeping up with the times” as well as this huge venture/reinvestment in the bank to service our customers in the best possible way. With this new system, we will be able to offer you better products, features and services in a more efficient manner. Bear with us if your visits to the bank are a little longer as our staff is learning new ways to process and do things. What did not change is NBM’s commitment to YOU, our customers. There is nothing more important to us than serving you and helping with your financial needs...

The National Bank of Malvern has been at the heart of this community for over 135 years and we want to let you know that we care about our customers, our community and our team here at the bank.


NBM has an ATM at each of their physical locations to give you easy access to cash. You may also use your ATM or NBM Visa Debit card at any STAR or PLUS designated location.
We are mindful that this is an ever-changing environment, and we will keep you updated on our website. Please continue to call us with your questions and use our online tools for all your banking needs. If you need help enrolling in online banking or mobile, please call us. Digital services are free and easy to use.

Merchant Services

Do you accept credit cards at your place of business? If not, would you like to explore that opportunity? The National Bank of Malvern partners with a payment services provider with solutions for credit card processing, as well as payroll processing designed to meet our customers' specific business needs. Please ask us about NCR's innovative payments technology.
If you have a credit card processing provider, ask for an evaluation to see if partnering with NBM and NCR could save you money!

Cyber Security

Putting a password to protect accessing your devices is like locking your front door. It’s a good first step to deter entry to your digital space.
Click here to see other ways to protect your information.
The National Bank of Malvern will never as for your Social Security Number by e-mail or telephone. To protect your personal information, we urge you to not respond to any e-mail telephone request that asks you to provide any personal information. Monitoring your account transactions monthly is an important step you can take to help identify fraudulent activity.

Money Talks
(At least it should)

Click on: VISA DEBIT ALERT LINK to register to listen…
You may register your NBM VISA Debit card to get alerts tailored to your preferences so that you know what your card is doing. Register today to be in the know… and in control.
Questions? Give us a call at 610-647-0100

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

If you have a lost or stolen debit card, please call 1-800-523-4175