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A Message from Our President and CEO, Jim Fooskas

Impossible to believe we are several months into the new year. Hoping you all made New Year’s resolutions and are sticking to them. My hope is for a happy, healthy 2024 for all. We got a bit more snow than usual in the past two months. Hopefully it hasn’t interfered too much with day-to-day activities and travel. I’m sure the kids enjoyed the opportunity to do some sledding and build snowmen. Of course, the adults don’t like it as it creates havoc with work/travel, etc. Hopefully it’s behind us until next winter. As we move through the month of February, I’m sure we are all looking towards nicer weather. I know I am looking forward to spring as it always provides a sense of newness, refreshment, and new beginnings. The daffodils are getting ready to bloom and that is a sure sign that spring is right around the corner.

As you are thinking of spring, maybe it’s time to resurrect some of those projects you have been putting off. You know that The National Bank of Malvern is always here to help you with those projects, big or small, we can help meet your financial needs. A home equity loan can be a great vehicle to do the things you want. Whatever your needs might be, we will do our best to make it happen. Our loan officers are happy to help you with any goals or plans that you have for the coming months.

Another reminder is that it is tax season. You may be looking for some additional deductions. Don’t forget that opening a new IRA or adding to an existing one can give you a deduction for the amount deposited on your 2023 tax return. You have until April 15 to make that deposit. Deposit rates are attractive, so check out the rates on our website and consider a new IRA.

In closing, we have been very busy at the bank over the winter months preparing to convert our current banking system to a new, more modern banking system. Everyone at the bank is excited about the new technology, features and opportunities the new banking system will offer. We hope that you will be excited about the new service experience we will be able to provide you with. A Communication packet will be mailed in early March regarding your accounts here at the bank.

Remember, The National Bank of Malvern is your local “go to” bank. Remember to support your local community, shops, and businesses. We are all in this together and supporting each other builds a strong community. We are still here because of you, our loyal customer.

If you can’t stop in and say hi don’t forget you can always use our online banking or our mobile app. Both are easy to use and available 24/7.

Give us a call and “have it all.” 610.647.0100